Monumental renovation Nieuwe Spiegelstraat Amsterdam

Location: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8-10, Amsterdam
Surface area: 1,016 m2
Activities: architectural renovation, CO to TO, construction supervision
Project completion: November 2022
Photography: Wouter van der Sar
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8-10 in the city center of Amsterdam is a municipal monument, largely realized at the beginning of the 20th century, and has had various uses over time. In recent years, the building was used as a school. Heyligers Architects drew up a plan to renovate the building, make it more sustainable and transform it into offices.

The building consists of four floors, with various office units and associated facilities on each floor. A new common core with elevator and stairwell connects all office units, making them both jointly and separately rentable. The offices are equipped with modern installations and a climate control system. To make all the aforementioned modifications possible, the building structure was renovated, strengthened or reinforced at various points.

A major theme of the design is to bring back the monumental character. Original details have been made visible and embraced in the design. For example, the stained glass windows have been brought back and the brick vaulted ceilings have been made visible. In other positions, the rooms have coffered ceilings, which emphasize the monumental character of the building and conceal installations.

Another characteristic element are the period rooms on the front facade on the second floor. These are equipped with authentic and monumental ornaments and completely restored to their original state. However, with a modern twist, because the missing doors to the office floor have become modern pivot doors in the new situation where a meeting of the classic period rooms and the new modern office design takes place.

The vertical lines of the entrance are a recurring pattern throughout the building. This emphasizes the height of the floors and is also reflected in the lines of the conservatory and the railings of the new stairs.

To allow daylight to penetrate far into the building, skylights were added in several places and the wide conservatory with curved glass was built on the second floor. The conservatory provides access to the enlarged roof terrace. The green roof from the second floor is visible here and emphasizes the sustainability of the building. The attic has also been made into a pleasant workspace with the addition of a skylight and skylights.

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