Renovation and new construction Ronald McDonald House Emma Amsterdam

Location: Meibergdreef, Amsterdam
Surface: 2,500 m2
Activities: Architectural and Interior Design CO to TO, environmental permit application, aesthetic execution supervision
Status: under construction
Expected completion: summer 2024
The Ronald McDonald House Emma Amsterdam Foundation, together with its many volunteers, is committed to welcoming families of children being treated at the Emma Children’s Hospital. Ronald McDonald Huis Emma is located next to the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The existing House Emma was outdated and no longer met today’s user requirements and appearance. Stichting Ronald McDonald Huis Emma therefore asked Salverda Bouw, in collaboration with HEYLIGERS architects, to draw up a plan for the renovation and new construction of Huis Emma.

The part to be renovated concerns the guesthouse rooms. In this guesthouse the structure will remain intact, but the rooms will be completely renewed. The new building part will be linked to the existing lodging building and will include the reception area, offices, general facilities, guest amenities and also an apartment for the building’s night manager.

In the design, the characteristic shape of an archetypal house plays an important role. The form emphasizes the function of a second home for the families who use it temporarily. This can be seen, among other things, in the front facade: the high transparent front facade with deep wooden slats offers a nice dynamic between transparency and security. By partially sloping away the front facade, it opens up to the road. The closed but refined detailed longitudinal façade nods along with the road and provides the spaces with daylight in those specific places where it is desired. The building orients to the greenery in the southern direction, the garden side. On this side, the new main building consists of two separate house forms that symbolize the parent and the child.

The newly built part is connected to the existing lodging building. The differences in floor levels between the existing building and the new building was one of the biggest challenges in solving the logistics of the property. The new centrally located stairwell provides a generous passage to the new section in addition to a view of the green surroundings, and a new elevator also connects all levels.

The new interior and accommodation of House Emma feels homey and warm and embraces the guests who stay here. Here they can use the shared facilities – a program of some 1,000 m2 – consisting of the kitchen equipped with six cooking islands, several living rooms and a multifunctional meeting space. The wood of the façade is also carried through to the interior in a number of rooms, creating a warm atmosphere. In the house there is room for spontaneous encounters – such as at the laundry room and kitchen – but also space for seclusion.

Sustainability and circularity play an important role in the choice of materials and installations. For example, the old zinc facade of the demolished building is reused in the new facade. Also, the new floor of the building consists of demolition material from the demolished building. The building will be completely disconnected from gas, for which the electricity supply will be extended so that the building can be equipped with an air heat pump system. Several flat roofs will be given a green sedum roof and on the roof of the accommodation section, about 60 PV panels will be installed for energy generation. With a view to ecology and biodiversity in the immediate vicinity of House Emma, measures have been taken to accommodate native animal species such as bats, swifts and house sparrows. Existing trees, shrubs and other small greenery will be repositioned in the new site design.

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