Hotel Holiday Inn Voorburg

Location: Stationsplein 8, Voorburg
Client: All-In Real estate, Haarlem
Surface: 7,000m2
Activities: Architectural and Interior Design CO to TO, environmental permit, aesthetic guidance, completion.
Project completion: December 2021
Photography: Wouter van der Sar
Opposite Voorburg railway station, a 125-room hotel was built in the mid-1990s. After 25 years, it was time for a major renovation to modernise the hotel and bring it up to Holiday Inn’s quality and design standards.

In particular, the ground floor was transformed: from a dark & introverted space to a transparent, inviting and contemporary lobby. By ‘mirroring’ the reception in relation to the centrally located lifts and adding floor-to-ceiling facades, the reception of hotel guests is much more natural and friendly. New furniture, floor, ceiling and wall finishes with light colours and materials allow daylight to penetrate into the heart of the building.

The hotel’s eye-catcher is the central atrium where two glass lifts open up the hotel floors; new lighting and colours give the previously somewhat dated space a new identity.

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