DDB Unlimited Amstelveen

Location: Amstelveen
Client: DDB Unlimited
Area: 560 m2 (floor) + 130 m2 (reception)
Activities: Project Management, Interior Design, Aesthetic Execution Guidance.
Project completion: May & October 2019
Photography: Wouter van der Sar


For advertising agency DDB Unlimited, HEYLIGERS architects created the design for one of the floors of the office building in Amstelveen. The starting point of the design is an empty canvas where DDB employees can add their own color and identity. The metal frames are fitted with magnetic boards on which all kinds of things can be hung. In the cabinets can be placed your own things such as books, plants, trophies, etc. The work floor is simple and basic with the 3 sitting areas and meeting rooms standing out in color.


In addition to the shop floor, HEYLIGERS architects were also asked to design the central entrance hall. The reception with a reception area had to create a real “wow effect.” Hence the association with a swimming pool through the blue color and tiled reception desk. As in a swimming pool, swimwear is often colorful which was translated into the different colors of the furniture. The reception area allows visitors to wait in different settings. DDB staff can use this area for consultations.

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